The 2 Simple Rules for the Fruitful Family

I’m a terrible gardener. If you garden, I just don’t understand you. You’re probably a well-balanced person full of self-discipline and good old-fashioned gumption. You look at a patch of dirt and see what beautiful plants could be growing there. […]

The Two Most Life-Changing Words EVER

Words are powerful. Nothing else has the power to destroy or heal, to build or tear down, to mend or rip apart. In fact, just two words have powerfully changed my life. “I do.” “It’s inoperable.” “She’s dead.” “I’m sorry.” […]

How to pray pt 2

As a writer I am constantly tempted to use more words than necessary, especially when I’m excited about a topic. Even in conversation with someone I drift into passionate unnecessary descriptions. My words are like water breaking through a dam; […]