2 Important Lessons for Oldest Children

There are times when I think my oldest gets so wrapped up in being responsible. She seems to expect too much from herself. She gets frustrated with her siblings when they don’t listen or when they’re being goofy. That’s not […]

So You Think You’re Kind?

It’s a wonder I ever got married. Actually, what’s more amazing is that I married a wonderful woman who checked every single box I had when I was younger. (As a shameless plug, you should do yourself a favor and […]

Wait for it…

As a father, a husband, an employee, a brother, an uncle, etc. I am called to greater likeness of Jesus. How do I get there, and how do I take those I love along with me? How do I grow more patient? How do I exercise that muscle? How do I till the soil of my heart? How do I…
Here’s the answer.
Wait for it…

How Not to Be Afraid

You’ve probably heard me say that I like storms. If you haven’t heard me say that, we probably just met. I like storms. The sound of rain. How the clouds open up and the deluge moves toward me. From the time I was little […]

The Most Wonderful Tournament of the Year!

Ok, everyone. I have a fun little Christmas activity for you. I solicited feedback on Twitter a few weeks ago and got your favorite Christmas songs. Thanks to all who contributed. Now the game is afoot! What is the greatest […]