The Most Wonderful Tournament of the Year!

Ok, everyone. I have a fun little Christmas activity for you. I solicited feedback on Twitter a few weeks ago and got your favorite Christmas songs. Thanks to all who contributed.

Now the game is afoot! What is the greatest Christmas song? We will finally settle the debate, and I have devised a way to figure it out.

I have set up a bracket challenge, and I will award a $25 gift card to the winner.

Christmas songs

Want $25 for Christmas?

To be considered for the gift card, here are the rules:

  1. Be a subscriber to my blog.
  2. Post the link to this on either Twitter or Facebook (retweeting and sharing count).
  3. Comment on this post. Please include which song won the tournament and over which other song (e.g. Silent Night over Away in a Manger) and which platform you reposted to.
Ever wondered what the greatest Christmas song ever is? Find out here and enter to win $25! #twelve2ndchristmas Click To Tweet

I will track the results and close the contest on December 13, 2018. After that you’ll still be able to use the bracket for your own enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy this and have a Merry Christmas!

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